British Marine Life

This is a selection of Jim Greenfield's photographs of marine plants and animals, mostly taken underwater around the coasts of Britain.
Nearly all the wonderful underwater documentaries shown on television are filmed in tropical waters and few people, unless they dive, realise we too have amazingly prolific and colourful life forms just off our shores.
Conditions here are very challenging for underwater photography. Temperatures range from a bone-chilling 4C in Spring to about a maximum of about 15C in late Summer. The water is generally green and murky with visibility averaging five metres if you are lucky. But the green in the sea is the key element because this signifies it is rich in plankton and consequently supports a chain of life that is so diverse, it is impossible to satisfactorily describe in words.
This web site therfore is my attempt to illustrate what natural wonders we have all around the British Isles from just beneath low tide mark. Bear in mind, the pictures are not necessarily chosen for their photographic merit but to give a good idea of form and colour and hopefully as an aid to identification

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